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We are a neighborhood restaurant. We may sound like a lively dinner party, look like a French Brasserie and feed you before a Sox game, but in the end we just want you to feel at home no matter in which suburb, city or country you reside. We were inspired to create Eastern Standard at a time when conversation was king and 140 characters was just a starting point. We want you to understand our menus and get to know our staff. There is no room on our tables for pretense and no place in our kitchen for shortcuts. So dive into our dishes and drinks, they all have a great story to tell.

Eastern Standard opened almost twelve years ago, in the heart of Kenmore Square. We are passionate about our neighbors, our guests and our city. We encourage our staff to celebrate the culinary arts, the city of Boston and its people, and the pursuit of education for education’s sake. For extended information about our work in the community and to request a donation, please email