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Garrett Harker


Garrett is not your normal restaurant owner. He’s not one to hide away in an office far from the bustle of the restaurant floor. His passion for his food and drink is evident from the way he greets you as you walk in the door or serves you as you sit in your seat. After working with the Kimpton Group in San Francisco, he moved to Boston to open No. 9 Park. During his time there, he partnered with Barbara Lynch to open other landmark restaurants in the city. In May, 2005, he opened Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks, followed shortly by Island Creek Oyster Bar, The Hawthorne, Row 34, and Branch Line. His goal is to engage diners at every point of their meal. To turn a dining experience into an immersive one. And not just for the guests. Garrett insists that his staff are continually learning and sharing what they know about today’s chefs, cuisines and trends. Today Eastern Standard, is nationally acclaimed for its robust cocktail program, trailblazing wine list and distinct interpretation of classic brasserie fare.